Cela fait maintenant un mois tout pile que Jinder Mahal est champion de la WWE. Selon vous::


- Il vous faudra pénétrer dans l'antre de la Bête.

 Elle est comment la Bête ?

- Je ne sais pas. Personne n'est jamais ressorti de là.

Caius Pupus et Astérix, les douze travaux d'Asterix


Ou l'on rendra hommage au plus grand catcheur de tous les temps après HHH. Le seul, l'unique, le vrai, celui qui a conquis la streak de l'Undertaker, le client de Paulo : Brock Lesnar.




Puis je vis monter de la terre une autre bête, qui avait deux cornes semblables à celles d'un agneau et qui parlait comme un dragon.



Hommage à la Bête humaine Brock Lesnar




Brock Lesnar est grand.










Pour celles et ceux qui souhaiteraient chanter les louanges de la Bête voici les paroles :


"He Is"

We're standing here by the abyss and the world is in flames.
Two star-crossed lovers reaching out to the beast with many names.

He is
He's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see.
And he is
Insurrection, he is spite, he's the force that made me be.
He is
Nostro dis pater, nostr' alma mater.
He is.

We're hiding here inside a dream and all our doubts are now destroyed.
The guidance of the morning stars will lead the way into the void.

He is
He's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see.
And he is
Insurrection, he is spite, he's the force that made me be.
He is
Nostro dis pater, nostr' alma mater.
He is.

He is
He's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see.
And he is
Insurrection, he is spite, he's the force that made me be.
He is
He's the shining and the light without whom I cannot see.
And he is
The disobedience that holds us together.
He is
Nostro dis pater, nostr' alma mater.
And we are falling over the precipice.


C'est cadeau

Vu cet hommage appuyé, tu m'as mis le doute et je suis même allé vérifier si Brock n'était pas blessé, mort ou en fin de carrière.
Mais non, c'est un petit hommage gratuit !
Tu as utilisé une belle chanson mais le jour du jubilé venu, on pourra se pencher encore plus sur ce mec. Qui a un statut unique dans le monde de la WWE. Pour moi Lesnar c'est vraiment le summum, c'est le monstre invincible, c'est le mercenaire sans merci, c'est le boss du dernier niveau, c'est le dieu de l'Olympe. Il perd parfois dans des circonstances particulières, mais personne à la WWE n'est booké à un tel niveau de puissance. En tout cas pour aucun des catcheurs que j'ai pu voir en exercice, ni Triple H, ni Punk, ni Cena, Orton, HBK... Et je pense que même le Rock ou Stone Cold n'ont jamais paru si dominants. Le seul qui a une aura équivalente, au final, c'est l'Undertaker. Et Lesnar a détruit sa streak.

Ce qu'il y a de marrant avec

Ce qu'il y a de marrant avec ce que tu dis, c'est que ça va complétement à l'encontre de ce que certains craignait au lendemain des défaites de Brock contre Cena, Triple H ou même l'Undertaker...
Et ça prouve bien que dans le catch, une aura, ça se construit ou se reconstruit malgré les défaites...
Tout est une question d'histoire raconté...


C'est très bien.
manquerait peut être en début de vidéo et dans l'article, le nom de l'artiste qui passe...

Clap Clap Clap

Mardi je vois Ghost en concert, et là je vois qu'une de leur chanson est utilisée pour glorifier The Beast.

Et après on me demande pourquoi j'adore ce site. Vous êtes trop forts les gars. Coeur sur vous tous.

Ils étaient à Rock-en-Seine,

Ils étaient à Rock-en-Seine, scène principale. Habités les mecs.

What's up?

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Quotes of the Cahiers

"I'm gonna leave him in a pile of blood, and urine and vomit."
Brock Lesnar à propos de John Cena

"At 9 am Eastern time tomorrow, the WWE Network goes live. But the problem is you’re all gonna be so overwhelmed by the incredible content available, you won’t be able to turn it off. Adults will lose their jobs and kids will be expelled from schools for lack of attendance. In fact, you’re gonna be so mesmerized by the incredible content of the WWE Network that you won’t even have time to remove the garbage from your houses. Your places are gonna start to stink, rats will move in, and they’re gonna look like bigger pigsties than they already do. Ultimately, the government is gonna come along and condemn your homes and you will all be left homeless defending yourself on the street. Thank you very much."
Bad News Barrett

"He’s twisting him so much his twin brother is getting dizzy !"
JBL commentant un Giant Swing d'Antonio Cesaro sur l'un des frères Uso.

"I think I'm a little too old for you Jerry. I'm 26, I know you like them younger."
AJ Lee, à Raw, s'adressant à Jerry Lawler

"It looks like James Storm has had more partners than Taylor Swift lately, he should probably get tested"
Bad Influence

"Having watched that… I regret the doctors in Canada saving my life.”
Jerry Lawler, après le segment où Mae Young a accouché d'Hornswoggle.

"What's running through John Cena's mind? I don't give a crap what's running through his mind. What's more important is what's running down his leg."
Brock Lesnar

"Yes. Stop sending dumb tweets like this one. RT: @Kid_Antrim Any advice for me?"
Paul Heyman, sur Twitter

"With Kofi Kingston as the Intercontinental Champion, the bar has been lowered. And when the bar’s been lowered, mediocrity becomes acceptable. And when mediocrity becomes acceptable, society crumbles. And when society crumbles, civilization will end as we know it.”
Le Miz, Hell in a Cell

"Can you figure that? She's not able to get a date! I mean, even Natalya is able to get a date!"
Eve à propos de Layla

"I understand that you barbaric buffoons could easily eviscerate me and dispose of me like common trash. However, if you do so, I will not be a victim. I will be a martyr. A martyr for anyone who appreciates a sophisticated mind."
Damien Sandow, à DX.

"Apparently, giants can win the Super Bowl, but not matches at WrestleMania. You’re like ‘The Reverse Undertaker’. Who are you going to lose to this year? The boxer or the sumo wrestler?”"
Cody Rhodes au Big Show

"The Kliq is back, which is kind of ironic because "click" is the noise the audience's remote control makes every time Kevin Nash pops up on their TV screen."
CM Punk

"It's a conspiracy! C... O... N.... Spiracy!"

"I understand that... that Vince McMahon's gonna make money despite himself... he's a millionaire who should be a billionaire... you know why he's not a billionaire? It's because he surrounds himself with glad-handing nonsensical yes-men like John Laurinaitis, who's gonna tell him everything he wants to hear... and I'd like to think that maybe this company will be better after Vince McMahon is dead, but the fact is it's gonna get taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son-in-law and the rest of his stupid family."
CM Punk

"These people are not Jimmies. They are the greatest fans in the world!"
John Cena, à R-Truth qui venait de qualifier le public de Raw de "Little Jimmies".

"Can you imagine if Sheamus wins this thing? I mean, the international ramifications, I mean the buyrate, I’m talking about the demographic change and everything? If Sheamus wins this match, it will be huge, not only for him but for the Smackdown brand."
Booker T., pendant un Title Match opposant le champion poids lourds Randy Orton à Sheamus.

"When I’m done with him, he’s gonna have barbecue sauce fueling out from his belly button like a geyser."
Michael Cole à propos de Jim Ross

"The WWE has gone from the powerful "Austin 3:16" to the dominant and iconic "can you smell what the Rock is cookin?"... all the way to "You can't see me"? You can't see me, what are you, playing peek-a-boo? Believe me, we all can see you. A blindfolded, sleeping, stuck in the basement Stevie Wonder can see your monkey ass. How in the hell do you think we can miss you come out here with your bright ass purple shirt, before that bright green shirt, bright orange shirt like a big fat bowl of Fruity Pebbles?"
The Rock à John Cena

"Jerry Lawler has forgotten more about wrestling than the Miz has ever known."
CM Punk

"If anyone says you can't do something, if anyone says you can't live your dream... Believe them, because you can't."
The Miz

"William Regal did the real work with this young man. Shawn Michaels took $3000 from him, that's all he ever did."
CM Punk à propos de la formation de Daniel Bryan

"I would RKO my own grandmother if it meant keeping this title. And then I'd RKO YOUR grandmother just to see the look on her face."
Randy Orton, à Sheamus

Virgil: - Ted, what are you going to do for protection?
Ted DiBiase, jetant un coup d'oeil à Maryse: - Go to the drugstore.

"Her teeth are going to be like the Ten Commendments after this match: all broken."
Alicia Fox, à propos d'Eve Torres

"Layla is not married. She deserves a good husband. I should marry her before she meets him."
Jerry Lawler

"If I suck, why would a Perry deli – the top Perry deli – name their top-selling sandwich after me? It's called the Swaggie. It smells like freedom."
Jack Swagger

"I realize how much of a starmaking performance I had in McGruber. The reviews have been off the charts. As a matter of fact, they are speaking of a possible early Oscar nomination."
Chris Jericho

"I'm sure your mom's uterus is awesome."
Vicki StElmo à Vladimir Kozlov

"If we were in your era, I'd put a Sharpshooter on you faster than you can put a pair of cheap sunglasses on an ugly kid."
The Miz, à Bret Hart.

"When I look at you I don't see fans. I don't even see people. I see money, money, money, money. Dollar signs, dollar signs, dollar signs, dollar signs. With some of you, a lot of dollar signs because I see a lot of fat people in the audience and I know you paid for two seats. Thank you very much!"
Batista à Raw.

"We are real women with the body that God created us with."
Mickie James, la femme aux implants mammaires en silicone qui explosent dans le ring.

Don Johnson: "This is a mistake!"
The Miz: "Mistake? No. Pink shirts and white suits, that is a mistake."

"One nation under Punk, undivisible, with integrity and sobriety for all!"
CM Punk

Michael Cole: "Our guest at ringside, Marisse. Welcome."
Maryse: "Oh my god, Michael Cole, you vintage nerd. You can't even say my name right. I should punish you and just give you my French kiss."

"If I see you in my match tonight, I'm gonna tear your intestins out and jump rope with it. And that's not all. I'm gonna take my two fingers, I'm gonna dig up your nosedrills and I'll rip your brain out. And I'm gonna put it in a newspaper and I'm gonna smash it against a window."
Mike Tyson à Hornswoggle

Ted DiBiase: "My movie, the Marine II, is superior to the original Marine."
Cody Rhodes: "Ted, my fifth grade graduation video is superior to the original Marine."

"I'm on Raw, you're on Smackdown... Long distance relationships don't work, Chris."
Big Show

Jerry Lawler, après une promo de Maryse où elle a qualifié Melina de "petite poupée": "Did she just say poupée? Do you know what that means in French?"
Michael Cole: "What?"
Jerry Lawler: "I... I can't say it!"

"I respect her. There are a lot of things that she does that I couldn't do, being the size that she is."
Michelle McCool à propos de Mickie James.

"We have MVP on the stage, and PMS in the ring."
Goldust, à propos des divas assemblées dans le ring pendant les Slammy Awards 2009.

"It was kind of like the 300 at the battle of Thermopylae, but with better abs".
John Morrison à propos de la fin de son match à Survivor Series, quand il s'est retrouvé à 1 contre 3.

"Hi, I'm John Morrison, and one time I drove my Lexus 700 miles on a tank full of my own urine."
John Morrison

"I always said if I could put my brain in Andrew’s body he’d be a 20-time world champ."
Edge à propos de Andrew "Test" Martin